Facts about kerrato hair fibres

  • Can you use hair fibres with minoxidil or while undergoing a hair transplant?
    Kerrato is a safe hair fibre product that can be used even after undergoing a hair transplant or in conjunction with any other hair treatment you may be receiving. Due to its safe and gentle formula, Kerrato can be an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive scalps.
  • Can you keep Kerrato on your scalp for 2-3 days? How does it behave on your scalp? Can you use oil before applying hair fibres?
    Each individual's scalp behaves differently - some may have an oily scalp, while others may have a dry one, much like their skin. When you use hair fibres, there is a possibility that they may react differently to your scalp. Therefore, we would suggest washing your hair with a mild baby shampoo and then applying the hair fibres. This will help achieve a more clean and seamless appearance. We do not recommend applying oil before using hair fibres as it can hamper the flawless appearance of your hair.
  • Does it grow back your hair?
    This is the most commonly asked question and let us tell you that hair fibres don’t grow back your hair.. It’s a cosmetic product that helps you camouflage your thinning spots.
  • When does hair fibre stop working?
    To effectively attach to your hair strand, it is necessary to have at least 5% of hair on your scalp when using hair fibres. It is important to note that the powder form of hair fibres is not suitable for covering completely bald spots as it will not adhere properly and can easily come off. In such cases, alternative solutions such as wigs or hair transplant may be considered.