Patent-worthy technology

Patent-worthy technology

Safe for daily use

Safe for daily use

Strong hold

Strong hold

No side effects

No side effects

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Our little secret

Hair Fibres

Hair Fibres

A quick fix for thicker and fuller hair!

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Conceals Effectively
Immediate Results
Look Younger
Boosts Confidence
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Color if in doubt choose a shade lighter than your hair colour. you can lso mix and match different shades to get right colour.
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Jet Black
Natural Black
Natural Black
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A safer, chemical-free solution to conceal your hair loss- Kerrato Hair Fibres. Born from a decade of expertise and patent-worthy technology that promises quality and efficacy. These hair fibres deliver flawless results you can trust.

Application For Different Hair Profiles

Kerrato Hair Fibres on crown area

Kerrato Hair Fibres on frontal area

Kerrato Hair Fibres on temple area


How to use


It is possible because of our unique K:SAFE technology. This patent-worthy technology bends the fibers allowing us to use fewer ingredients to create our most effective and safest hair fibres. K:SAFE is an invention born from 10 years of intense R&D and unique only to Kerrato Hair Fibres.


How to use

For precise application to hairline or parted hair: For best results, pair with the Kerrato Hair Fibres Combo Kit. 

  1. Remove the sifter cap and attach the Kerrato Pump applicator. 
  2. Spray Fibers onto the area. 
  3. Gently pat hair to disperse fibers. 
  4. Style as usual. 
  5. For greater durability, follow up with Kerrato Fibrehold Spray.

For broad application to crown or larger areas: 

  1. Shake liberally onto the area. 
  2. Sprinkle fibers onto the area. 
  3. Style as usual. 
  4. For greater durability, follow up with Kerrato Fibrehold Spray
How to use

Innovation Meets Safety

No Cotton
No Ammonium Chloride


Sweat Resistant

Safety is a choice you make

Duringhairloss both you and your scalp are sensitive.

  • 97%* feel confident and safe after using Kerrato Hair Fibres.

  • 94%* of people have recommended Kerrato Hair Fibres to their family and friends.

  • 92%* of people feel that Kerrato Hair Fibres are undetectable and give a natural look.

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*Based on feedback from around 1000 customers

Recommended by dermatologists and salon experts, Applauded for SAFETY.

We don't deliver hair fibers, we deliver confidence

We don't deliver hair fibers, we deliver confidence

We don't deliver hair fibers, we deliver confidence

We don't deliver hair fibers, we deliver confidence

We don't deliver hair fibers, we deliver confidence

We don't deliver hair fibers, we deliver confidence

Electro-statically charged pure keratin fibres which deliver impeccable results in 30 seconds!

Hair fibre starter-kits

Buy combo packs to save more!

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Basics of Kerrato Hair Fibres

  • What are hair fibres?
    Hair fibres are tiny particles designed to cling to your existing hair, creating the appearance of a fuller, thicker mane. They're perfect for anyone struggling with thinning hair or balding
  • Cotton vs Keratin Fibres
    There are different types of hair fibres, primarily differentiated by the material they are made from, such as keratin or cotton. However, it's important to know that cheaper cotton options often require a lot of chemicals in their manufacturing process.
  • How do hair fibres work?
    Hair fibres use static electricity to attach themselves to existing hair strands, effectively increasing the thickness and volume of your hair. Kerrato hair fibres, specifically, are made of Keratin, the same protein your hair is made of, for a seamless and natural blend.
  • Why Kerrato Hair Fibres?
    Kerrato stands out in the market for its commitment to safety, quality, and results. Our hair fibres are made from just two ingredients: 100% pure Keratin and FDA-approved food-grade dyes. Unlike many other brands that use cotton fibres requiring chemical additives, Kerrato is free from such chemicals, providing you a safer alternative.
  • How to use?
    Dry, comb your hair. Apply fibres onto your scalp. Pat the excess fibres. Lock it with our fibrehold spray for extra hold
  • Ingredients
    Kerrato Hair Fibres are made up of only two-ingredients - 100% Keratin, USFDA food grade dyes.

We do not use any preservatives or chemicals like silica, ammonium chloride, or parabens in our hair fibres. We are cruelty free.

For those who do not know Hair Fibres

  • What are hair fibers?
    Hair fibers are tiny particles designed to cling to your existing hair, creating the appearance of a fuller, thicker mane. They're perfect for anyone struggling with thinning hair or balding.
  • How do hair fibers work?
    Hair fibers use static electricity to attach themselves to existing hair strands, effectively increasing the thickness and volume of your hair. Kerrato Hair Fibres, specifically, are made of keratin, the same protein your hair is made of, for a seamless and natural blend.
  • When should I start using hair fibers?
    Ideally, you should start using hair fibers early in the balding stage. They subtly increase the volume and density of your hair, making the transformation appear more natural. So, start early, stay consistent, and use the hair fibers alongside any medical treatments you're undergoing to preserve existing hair follicles.
  • Will people know that I am using hair fibers?
    When applied properly, even your close family members would find it hard to tell. To the outside world, they would simply notice your fuller head of hair, not the fact that you are using hair fibers.

    For Those Familiar with Hair Fibers

    • Why should I choose Kerrato over other hair fibers?
      Kerrato stands out in the market for its commitment to safety, quality, and trustworthy results. Our hair fibers are made from just two ingredients: 100% pure Keratin and FDA-approved food-grade dyes. We've been in this industry for 10 years, focusing on perfecting hair fibers and ensuring they're safe for you.
    • Can Kerrato cause any side effects?
      Kerrato is designed to be safe for use. However, individual reactions can differ. If you have any doubts, we always recommend doing a patch test before use. Kerrato is a result of 10 years of expertise, aimed at providing you with a product that performs without the worry of side effects from chemicals.
    • Is Kerrato made by a third-party manufacturer or in China?
      Absolutely not! Kerrato has its own dedicated manufacturing unit and has been mastering the science of hair fibers for the past decade. We assure you, we know what goes into your hair fibers. Trust us, we know how to make your hair fibers safe and effective.
    • How can hair fibers be made without chemicals?
      That's where our unique K: SAFE technology comes in! To put it simply, we manipulate the natural structure of the Keratin to allow the fibers to interlock with each other and your existing hair, without needing any chemicals.
    • What is Kerrato made of? Is it safe for daily use?
      Kerrato is simple and clean. It's made from just two ingredients: 100% pure Keratin, a natural protein found in hair, and food-grade dyes that are approved by the USFDA. That means no unnecessary additives or harsh chemicals. With Kerrato, you get a safe and effective solution to make your hair look fuller and you can use it daily without harming your sensitive scalp.
    • Can Kerrato cause any side effects?
      Kerrato is designed with your safety in mind. But remember, we're all unique and sometimes, our bodies react differently. So if you're unsure, always do a patch test before you start using it regularly. Kerrato is all about giving you a great look without causing worries about side effects.
    • Kerrato vs Cotton Hair Fibres: What's the difference?
      Cotton hair fibres might seem like a good idea at first, but they absorb sweat and can clump together, making it obvious that you're using a product. Plus, lots of unapproved chemicals go into making them. Kerrato, on the other hand, uses keratin to give a seamless, natural look without these nasty chemicals.
    • Kerrato vs Other Keratin Hair Fibres: How is Kerrato unique?
      Kerrato stands out from the crowd. Unlike some other keratin hair fibres, we don't use chemicals like ammonium chloride, silica, or even preservatives. So, if you're looking for a hair fibre that gives you a great look without the chemical baggage, Kerrato is your best choice.

        Making Your Decision

        • Is Kerrato made from a third-party manufacturer or in China? Not at all! Every bottle of Kerrato is crafted with love and care in our own manufacturing unit. We've spent over a decade perfecting the art and science of hair fibres, ensuring you get the best product.
        • When should I start using hair fibres? We suggest starting to use hair fibres early in the balding stage. That way, your appearance stays consistent and you can keep your hair thinning a secret. And remember, you can still use any medicines your doctor prescribes to help keep your existing hair healthy.
        • Will people know that I am using hair fibres? When you apply Kerrato properly, even the people closest to you will have a hard time telling you're using hair fibres. But, remember, the choice is entirely up to you. We firmly stand against bald-shaming and believe everyone should feel happy and comfortable, whether they have a full head of hair or not.
        • What accessories you should use? To make your hair fibres stay longer and prevent transfer, it is recommended to use an accessory called Fibrehold spray. However, Kerrato works well even without it, but for special occasions, you may opt to use the spray as it secures the fibres in place for a longer period. Kerrato provides a comb and pump along with their hair fibres. The pump is ideal for accurate application in areas like the temple and frontal hairline, or for filling in small gaps on your scalp. However, if you have a larger area to cover, like the crown, you may choose not to invest in the pump applicator.

        Facts About Kerrato Hair Fibres

        • Can you use hair fibres with minoxidil or while undergoing a hair transplant?
          Kerrato is a safe hair fibre product that can be used even after undergoing a hair transplant or in conjunction with any other hair treatment you may be receiving. Due to its safe and gentle formula, Kerrato can be an ideal choice for individuals with sensitive scalps.
        • Can you keep Kerrato on your scalp for 2-3 days? How does it behave on your scalp? Can you use oil before applying hair fibres?
          Each individual's scalp behaves differently - some may have an oily scalp, while others may have a dry one, much like their skin. When you use hair fibres, there is a possibility that they may react differently to your scalp. Therefore, we would suggest washing your hair with a mild baby shampoo and then applying the hair fibres. This will help achieve a more clean and seamless appearance. We do not recommend applying oil before using hair fibres as it can hamper the flawless appearance of your hair.
        • Does it grow back your hair?
          This is the most commonly asked question and let us tell you that hair fibres don’t grow back your hair.. It’s a cosmetic product that helps you camouflage your thinning spots.
        • When does hair fibre stop working?
          To effectively attach to your hair strand, it is necessary to have at least 5% of hair on your scalp when using hair fibres. It is important to note that the powder form of hair fibres is not suitable for covering completely bald spots as it will not adhere properly and can easily come off. In such cases, alternative solutions such as wigs or hair transplant may be considered.

        * Reminder - Kerrato isn't just about covering up thinning hair, it's about making you feel confident and happy in your own skin (and hair!). So, if you're ready to boost your hair confidence and look your best every day, choose Kerrato – the kind, considerate, and effective solution for thinning hair.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Rajendra Prasad
        Good Product

        I have used this product few times. It covers the patches within few minutes. You also need to use hair spray for stability. It last till next wash. Avoid too much sweating or else it will dilute. It is too dark.
        You can try Dark brown instead of Black.
        Overall a good product.

        Rohan K.
        Awesome Products

        Because of hair loss I faced a lot of issues and I wasn’t able to step out of my house.. i was using thick fibres previously but that used to form clumps on my scalp after few hours and my scalp used to feel itchy… then I researched about other products and i came across kerrato… kerrato is made up of keratin and has no chemicals in it I have been using it since a long time now and you can see the difference yourself.. the fibres are of so good quality and the product is sweat proof too… it is also stain free… thank you kerrato for giving me that confidence… now I don’t have to worry about anything and I can go out without wearing a cap on my head.. love the product.. thank you so muchh for helping me..

        Suraj Yadav
        fabulous product

        I suffer from alopecia, i.e. male pattern baldness and after trying all other remedies I realized hair fiber is my only solution. I tried all hair fibers like caboki, Dr. Batra, Rebuilds, looks 21 and later realized all of them of the same quality(Cotton fiber aftertall-just look at the shine and you would realise its cotton!). Kerrato is genuine Keratin and stayed all day and even next day. Toppik was also fine but their color is very violetish and looks odd. Happy that Kerrato comes from an Indian company and that the quality is better than the rest of the products even those double in price. Gave 4 stars only because of the delivery time. I can advice to improve delivery speed as it took some time to reach and not always in stock(During lockdown I struggled to get hands on this product. It is an emotional product, please don’t go out of stock! Please). Other than that I have had no issues and I recommend Kerrato hair fibers to anyone who wants to hide bald spots or patches of thin hair.

        Kishan G.
        Nice! Products

        I carry the 4g pack with me to work and it's good for a touch up whenever it's necessary. The product quality is great and hasn't caused any kind of irritation on my scalp like some other brands did.
        Make sure you buy keratin hair fibres like Kerrato and do not buy cotton fibres, even though they claim to be "natural". Cotton does more harm than good.

        Awesome Products

        I tried Kerrato for the first time when I asked my barber for a solution. He uses Kerrato fo all his customers. I even ended up using this on my own wedding day too. It feels like nothing is there and stays for a long period. Happy with the results.