Fiberhold Spray FAQs

What is Fibrehold Spray?
Kerrato's Fibrehold Spray is a colourless liquid designed to enhance the performance of our hair fibres by increasing the hold for a longer period. It's infused with natural extracts of Moringa, Onion, Cucumber, and Avocado, providing a refreshing touch for your hair.

Is it suitable for daily use?
Yes, our Fibrehold Spray is perfect for daily use. It keeps your hair looking natural and seamless.

Does it make the hair stiff or strands stick together?
No, our Fibrehold Spray maintains a soft, non-sticky texture and won't make hair strands stick together.

Can I use it for special occasions?
Absolutely! It's ideal for special occasions and also suits people who wear helmets while riding bikes.

Does it make the fibres non-transferable?
Yes, our Fibrehold Spray enhances the longevity of hair fibres, making them non-transferable.

Is it compatible with all hair types and scalp conditions?
Yes, you can use it with any hair fibres and on any hair type or scalp condition.

Is it safe for sensitive scalps?
Absolutely, it's gentle and won't cause any scalp irritation. But since individual reactions can vary, we suggest you to do a patch first.

Can I use it while swimming or during rainy conditions?
We recommend avoiding use for swimming or during heavy rains. Continuous contact with water may cause fibres to come off.

Does it cause scalp itchiness?
No, our Fibrehold Spray will not cause any itchiness on your scalp.

Can I use it in any weather?
Yes, you can use it in any weather, including summer, winter, and rainy seasons. Just ensure direct water contact with your hair is minimised.

Should I use it every day?
While suitable for daily use, it's particularly recommended for special occasions. Our hair fibres perform well even without the spray.

Will it reduce fibre transfer when I sleep on a pillow?
Yes, Kerrato's Fibrehold Spray helps minimise fibre transfer, ensuring your style remains intact, even when sleeping.

Should I wash my hair the day after use?
For the best results, we recommend washing your hair the day after using our Fibrehold Spray.