For Those Familiar with Hair Fibers

  • Why should I choose Kerrato over other hair fibers?
    Kerrato stands out in the market for its commitment to safety, quality, and trustworthy results. Our hair fibers are made from just two ingredients: 100% pure Keratin and FDA-approved food-grade dyes. We've been in this industry for 10 years, focusing on perfecting hair fibers and ensuring they're safe for you.
  • Can Kerrato cause any side effects?
    Kerrato is designed to be safe for use. However, individual reactions can differ. If you have any doubts, we always recommend doing a patch test before use. Kerrato is a result of 10 years of expertise, aimed at providing you with a product that performs without the worry of side effects from chemicals.
  • Is Kerrato made by a third-party manufacturer or in China?
    Absolutely not! Kerrato has its own dedicated manufacturing unit and has been mastering the science of hair fibers for the past decade. We assure you, we know what goes into your hair fibers. Trust us, we know how to make your hair fibers safe and effective.
  • How can hair fibers be made without chemicals?
    That's where our unique K: SAFE technology comes in! To put it simply, we manipulate the natural structure of the Keratin to allow the fibers to interlock with each other and your existing hair, without needing any chemicals.
  • What is Kerrato made of? Is it safe for daily use?
    Kerrato is simple and clean. It's made from just two ingredients: 100% pure Keratin, a natural protein found in hair, and food-grade dyes that are approved by the USFDA. That means no unnecessary additives or harsh chemicals. With Kerrato, you get a safe and effective solution to make your hair look fuller and you can use it daily without harming your sensitive scalp.
  • Can Kerrato cause any side effects?
    Kerrato is designed with your safety in mind. But remember, we're all unique and sometimes, our bodies react differently. So if you're unsure, always do a patch test before you start using it regularly. Kerrato is all about giving you a great look without causing worries about side effects.
  • Kerrato vs Cotton Hair Fibres: What's the difference?
    Cotton hair fibres might seem like a good idea at first, but they absorb sweat and can clump together, making it obvious that you're using a product. Plus, lots of unapproved chemicals go into making them. Kerrato, on the other hand, uses keratin to give a seamless, natural look without these nasty chemicals.
  • Kerrato vs Other Keratin Hair Fibres: How is Kerrato unique?
    Kerrato stands out from the crowd. Unlike some other keratin hair fibres, we don't use chemicals like ammonium chloride, silica, or even preservatives. So, if you're looking for a hair fibre that gives you a great look without the chemical baggage, Kerrato is your best choice.