Making your decision

  • Is Kerrato made from a third-party manufacturer or in China? Not at all! Every bottle of Kerrato is crafted with love and care in our own manufacturing unit. We've spent over a decade perfecting the art and science of hair fibres, ensuring you get the best product.
  • When should I start using hair fibres? We suggest starting to use hair fibres early in the balding stage. That way, your appearance stays consistent and you can keep your hair thinning a secret. And remember, you can still use any medicines your doctor prescribes to help keep your existing hair healthy.
  • Will people know that I am using hair fibres? When you apply Kerrato properly, even the people closest to you will have a hard time telling you're using hair fibres. But, remember, the choice is entirely up to you. We firmly stand against bald-shaming and believe everyone should feel happy and comfortable, whether they have a full head of hair or not.
  • What accessories you should use? To make your hair fibres stay longer and prevent transfer, it is recommended to use an accessory called Fibrehold spray. However, Kerrato works well even without it, but for special occasions, you may opt to use the spray as it secures the fibres in place for a longer period. Kerrato provides a comb and pump along with their hair fibres. The pump is ideal for accurate application in areas like the temple and frontal hairline, or for filling in small gaps on your scalp. However, if you have a larger area to cover, like the crown, you may choose not to invest in the pump applicator.