Pump FAQs

The pump is not fitting the hair fiber bottle. What should I do?
This is a common concern for many customers. Always remember to remove the cap and sifter of the hair fibre bottle. Screw the pump onto the mouth of the bottle and pump the hair fibres onto your scalp with ease.

Is it necessary to buy the pump?
We recommend using the pump for frontal hairline application as it makes it easier and will help attain a sleek hairline.

Does the pump fit all hair fibre bottles?
Yes, our pump is compatible with 4g, 11.5g & 28g hair fiber bottles.

Is the pump applicator reusable?
Yes, the pump applicator is reusable. Once your current container of hair fibers is empty, you can simply attach the pump to a new container or replenish the bottle with our refill packs.

Will the pump applicator clog?
With regular use and proper maintenance, the pump applicator should not clog. If you notice a decrease in performance, check for any fiber buildup and clean the pump.

Can the pump applicator target specific areas?
Absolutely. The design of the pump allows for targeted application, making it perfect for applying hair fibers to specific thinning areas or for creating a more defined hairline.

What should I do if the pump stops working?
If the pump stops working, first check to see if it’s properly attached and that there's no clogging from the hair fibers. If it still doesn’t work after checking these issues and cleaning if necessary, please contact our customer service for further assistance.